Dog Health – Obstruction in the Digestive System

GSD1 Dog Health   Obstruction In The Digestive System

Obstructions in the dogs body are quite common in many pets especially dogs, and its not uncommon for a pet owner to find this problem reoccurring many times in a dogs life caused by many different situations.

An obstruction in the digestive system of your dog can be a very painful experience and may cause bout of quite serious retching, vomiting, and diarrhea. This is caused as the dog tries to release the foreign body from blocking the flow of the digestive system.

The digestive system obstruction is most commonly caused by stones that the dog swallows when playing fetch or just being curious around the garden or on walks. When they swallow stones or any other offending objects for that matter, it many become stuck in the tubes above the stomach where the dog will find it difficult to breath and wretch a lot, or it may flow down into the stomach and intestines where its possible it will get stuck and cause a very painful blockage while all the waste will start to compress behind the it and make for your dog to strain to pass feces or move the blockage.

In some cases the object or stone swallowed will be too large to move from the stomach and it will become blocked occasionally on the passage down in to the intestines, this cases infrequent spurts of pain as the dog tries to break down and move the object from the stomach into the intestines as normal, then as the dog moves it will free up again and the pain will temporarily disappear until the same happens again up to 2 days later at most.

Of course when you fear that this may be the problem you should report it to your vet as soon as possible. They will then undertake many different tests in hope to find the situation of the blockage and feel for foreign bodies so they can treat the symptoms accordingly. This treatment is normally to make sure the object will not free itself and then enter the dog’s body through surgery to remove the unwanted object safely so the dog can resume normal life and dog health again.

Although the above treatment is normally only needed with larger objects in the dogs digestive system, it shows the extent of this condition so if you suspect this problem and the symptoms are their then its always best to inform you vet about the situation so they can asses what needs to be done next.

For more information on Dogs with Digestive System Obstructions or Dog Health take a look at this Dog Behavior website.

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